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Thread: Question about composition music

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    Question about composition music

    Hello I'm new in this site and thankyou for who designed it
    I'm playing classic guitar and I'm working to compose a piece music
    but I found hard because I dont know about the basic of composition music
    I have been composing my piece ,just melody tune and I want to complete with harmony
    I dont know how to explain what I mean but I'll try
    More clearly: if you hear the piece music - Romance for composer Anonnym - you can hear
    4 strings and the melody strings is E 1st and other is like harmony or ATTENDANT sound
    may be there are many mistakes in my explanation ,but my education music is very little
    and thankyou for all

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    Re: Question about composition music

    Hi nader,
    It's a little difficult for me to give advice based on your description of the piece, I'm not 100% exactly what you mean, but it could also be because I'm not an expert when it comes to the guitar. But I believe what you are asking about is actually arranging a melody you have already composed.

    Generally I would recommend you study as much music as you possibly can and read sheet msuic/scores/tabulaturs. You might consider consulting a tutor if possible. You are talking about "composition music" (not just "composing" music?), which would also imply that it will be written down as sheet music/score. What is your experience in regards to reading/writing notation?

    Anyhow, welcome to Magle International Music Forums - you are also most welcome to post an introduction in the "introduce yourself forum", if you like

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