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Thread: Wrapped in Mystery – Axl RoseWrapped in Mystery – Axl Rose

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    Wrapped in Mystery – Axl RoseWrapped in Mystery – Axl Rose

    Axl Rose turns 47 on February 6. But why are so many still bothered about him? Sure, he’s written some of rock’s most revered songs. But die-hard fans apart, people don’t usually take notice of artists this long. Things have happened differently with Axl and Chinese Democracy, though.
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    I'll never understand why people still care about Axl Rose. Guns 'n Roses was an OK band that put out a couple of good tunes, but I heard nothing on Appetite for Destruction that really was any better than the other popular bands of the time. His voice is frankly annoying and his style rather limited.

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    It's a good thing you didn't do the same drugs back then, or your review might be years in the typing. Guns'n'Roses started out advertising themselves as drug addicted male prostitutes living on the streets of Hollywood Boulevard, getting together to start a band to make their lives real. This began in comic books and trade magazines. When they hit it, they hit it big, very L.A. I like Axl only because he's easy to imitate. Slash makes new age guitar music under a different name, working the music business as a friendly visitor who isn't afraid to stand outside radio stations and talk with fans. I saw a letter of thanks he wrote to a friend who sold a '58 Les Paul through an L.A. dealer, very nice stationary and eloquent appreciation.
    Liking a band or re-uniting back in time to connect with a contact high?
    Not the kind of performance baggage I want.

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