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    Check out this uber psychedelic video for Larry Stabbins of Working Week fames new project, Stonephace. Jazz and electronica with prog tendencies.

    Yellow Brick Road

    Album due on 20th April on Tru Thoughts
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    I'm catching some resonance from your user name, Tru_Thoughts,
    just wishing you had done it Thru-Thought.
    And what's with Stonephace? A stone face represents immovable emotion,
    and architecturally, means an impenetrable surface. Is that you?
    Breaking down stoneface with "phace" takes away from that theme.
    Taking it further, being stonephase, represents a furtherance of meaning.

    "Yellow Brick Road"? Aren't little munchkins already dancing along that route?
    Who can think of that without thinking Elton John?
    If you're Stonephace what happened to the stone castle of The Wizard of Oz?
    "Yellow Brick Road"? Brickphace? or a modern Recreational Pathphace?
    The more I type about this the more I'm losing phace.

    Maybe I've been climbing one too many rockfaces this summer.
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