The National Pipe Organ Register has a website I'm finding myself spending some time with.

If you google NPOR, you'll find that this site has a list of small historic organs mostly in southeastern England. I believe all of these have audios of pieces played on them.

Among them is the 1821 Henry Lincoln organ at St. John Baptist Our lady & St. Laurence in Thaxted, Essex (England). Now, does anybody know if any work had been done on this instrument since 1970?

The profile lists that year as the survey date and also states the organ as being in poor condition. Besides the fact that the Mixture I-II, the Trumpet (both on the Great), and the Choir Bassoon were silent, and some tuning was needed, the organ sounded fine. The recordings heard on the site were done less than 4 years ago.

Those of us, who attended the 2000 OHS Convention, held in Boston, MA, visited the 1857 Simmons at the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer, in East Boston. That was an example of an organ in poor condition. Out of the 23, or so, stops, only 2 or 3 were truly useable.