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Thread: MyOrgan Midi assign presets

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    MyOrgan Midi assign presets

    Does anyone know if it is possible to assign a midi controller to the memory 'push buttons' on the Jeuxdorgue Romanswiller Eglise Protestant organ? I am refering to the 'push button triggers' numbered 1-30.

    I just want to pull out some stops to make a good combination and assign a discrete button on my midi controller keyboard to recall that combination.

    at the moment it seems I can only move sequentially through a list of combinations ( as an electronic keyboard player I call these 'presets')

    When I right click on one of these numbered buttons to assign a controller most options are greyed out and unavailable.

    I'm sure I'm missing a very simple trick here, probably due to my ignorance of how real organs memorize their 'presets'

    any help gratefully received.

    By the way, I am hurriedly trying to get the most out of this great programme (myOrgan) in order to play it at my sister in law's imminent wedding.


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    Hi jonty43,

    Welcome to MIMF ... stay tuned, someone will be along shortly to answer your question. We have a good number of knowledgeable members here on this subject.
    Kh ~~.

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    Hi Jonty43,
    In the taskbar icons (just below the File menu etc.) there's a button labeled "SET". When you have the stops and couplers set up the way you want, push the SET button and then push one of the numbered buttons, then push the SET button again.
    While the SET button is pushed on, any time you push a numbered button it remembers the current settings, so you can actually set several memories one after the other by leaving the SET button on, altering the current setting, saving it in a memory, and then altering the settings and saving them to a different memory, and so on.


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    Ah, I forgot to explain the most important bit!
    Go to the Audio menu and select the Midi Messages tab.
    Near the bottom there's a line for "Stop Changes". Click on it and then click on "Properties". It may be set to something that doesn't exist on your system. I have mine set to:
    Event: Cx Program Change
    Channel: 1
    or you can click on Listen for event and then hit whichever button on your midi device will be used for that type of selection.

    Once you've set up the Stop Changes item in the Midi Messages tab, you should be able to set one of the numbered buttons to a specific midi message now. The options shouldn't be greyed out when you right click on a button.

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