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Thread: Transformers 2

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    Transformers 2

    I saw the first Transformers with my boyfriend, and I really liked it. Have any girls seen the second one? Do you think that I would like this one since I enjoyed the first so much.

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    Yeah the new Transformers 2 is great. you should watch it again with your boyfriends. For you to have an idea of what you will be watching here's a little synopsis of the movie. Transformers 2 is chalk full of robots, both good and bad guy ones. The good guy robots are the cars and the bad guys are pretty much everything else one could think of (i.e. planes, tigers, etc.) The good robots are friends with army guys and together they fight the bad robots. But some of the good robots get sad because they miss their friend Shia….which is where his character comes in. Shia plays Sam who is going away to college and has to leave his car and his girlfriend, played by Megan Fox (she plays the girlfriend, not the car) who works on cars because she didn’t get into college. Shia finds a broken piece of metal that electrocutes him and gives him geometry powers. Meanwhile, the bad guy robots find the leader robot that died in the first movie, revive him from the ocean and go looking for a really old robot who is the dad of all the robots (this makes all the good robots and all the bad guy robots…what? Brothers, right!) whom they call The Fallen.
    The Fallen is an old man robot with a French accent who, because he had fallen at some point, is forced to use a cane. Throughout the movie, all of the robots kept calling him The Fallen, (like, ‘We must find The Fallen’ or ‘Where is The Fallen?’) and this really upset me because I thought it was really disrespectful. In my opinion, old people have names and shouldn’t be defined by their injuries or ailments. I love my grandparents and so I would never ever refer to them as The Osteoporosis and The Broken Hip.
    There are a lot of big battles where lots of stuff blows up and sometimes it’s hard to tell which robot is which, but its pretty exciting stuff, regardless. There are lots of new robots in this movie to love, but my favorite part of the movie was definitely Wheelie. He was hilarious! He says what he wants and has some serious attitude. Not only that, but he provided the hugest laugh in movie history when he tried to have sex with Megan Fox’s leg.
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