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Thread: Smashing Pumpkins

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    Smashing Pumpkins

    I like Smashing Pumpkins songs very much. Nice music. I feel so pleasant when i am listening these songs.One of my favorite song is bring the light.
    I like this song very much.I listen this song every day

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    ashakollace! If you're into Smashing Pumpkins you would be interested in a recent Rolling Stone interview with Billy Corgan. He's going through some changes it seems, and it gets interesting as only he can. The way he talks about himself, the descriptions of the activities around him, really felt like I was in the room with him.

    One thing that surprised me was he sounded bitter about not getting the recognition he feels he deserves. That was the biggest reader backlash about this interview, his attitude about himself. But I'm not worried, he seems to be getting ready to surface with something new himself.

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    I really do love Smashing Pumpkins as well, but I also have to share this song :

    By Stephen Lynch, he has a point

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