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Thread: Van Wilder Freshman Year(2009) SOUNDTRASKSSSS

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    Van Wilder Freshman Year(2009) SOUNDTRASKSSSS

    What is the VAN WILDER FRESHMAN YEAR song that plays when the beach party begins ,i think that this is called:Stu Stone -Neighbors call the cops,but i don't sure.
    I LOOKED EVERYWHERE FOR IT BUT I CAN'T FIND IT...BUT,if you do PLSSSSSSS NOTICE ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE,because i want this song.PLease link,mp3.......
    i wait -please,friends!

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    I guess you just have to buy it.
    Its not allowed to share copyrighted materials

    Good luck!
    Frederik Sjölund - Swedish 3D Artist AND Soundtrack addict

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    And what is the name of the song from Van Wilder: Freshman year? when Van goes to college..... And Satanata you can try to find that song on www.4shared.c0m

    I found it!

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    i'm also interested to get that song anywhere, so what was the tag you looked for on 4shared? i tried "van wilder freshman" i found two entry's with a few soundtracks but the one from stu stone wasn't in that package.

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