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Thread: Searching a Opera / Choir sample!

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    Searching a Opera / Choir sample!

    Hey, maybe anyone of you can help me, I need the name of the Choir / Opera sample at 1:17?!?! I think the choir sample is maybe from a anime (Neon Genesis Evangelion maybe) or video game, but I dont rly know.

    The name of the track in the video is "Neon Genesis Evangelion Techno - Space Dream Eva (Trance Mix)"

    Pls help me! =/


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    Welcome to MIMF, Brian,

    I couldn't tell you for sure, but it certainly COULD be one of the Vocoloid voices or voices of the apocalypse VST. Another choice COULD be Magnus Choir VSTi. I use EWQL Symphonic Choirs coupled with Wordbuilder. But there are loads of choices out there.

    Maybe pop on http://************.org and do a search. What's nice about that site is that programs have been cracked so you can try them out BEFORE (if) you buy an application. Posters that I have found to be "safe" are Dynamics and H2O. I especially like these 2.

    Demo download available at:

    Hope this helps.

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