I've been looking, googling and searching youtube to find the title of a song used in the simpsons, treehouse of horror XX which made a parody (in that particular piece) of some classic movies (dial m for murder). Go to 2:07 and 3:28 in the episode and you'll hear what I mean. (I couldn't sample because of flash)


This is what I found:

""The Simpsons celebrated their twentieth Halloween special last night with an ode to Hitchcock. The segment was called "Dial M for Murder," but the plot more closely mirrored that of "Strangers on a Train" in which two men decide to kill each other's "loved" ones. In the chase scene, the music from "North by Northwest" played, and they pushed a likeness of Hitchcock (who always appeared in his own films) off Mt. Rushmore, where Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint scrambled for freedom at the end of that film."