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Thread: Looking for Durufle sheet music... urgent!

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    Looking for Durufle sheet music... urgent!

    My girlfriend is performing a jury tomorrow and misplaced her sheet music for Durufle's "Fugue sur le theme des heures de la Cathedrale de Soissons"

    I was wondering if anyone had a place where I could get this (preferably for free) or if anyone could be kind enough to scan a copy and upload!

    Thanks a lot!

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    The organ work you seek is NOT in public domain (free). Since Durufle only died in 1986, all his works are still protected by copyright laws until at least the year 2056!!

    Although we cannot control other members' activities, this forum does not support the uploading of illegal (bootleg) copies of copyrighted works.

    Most universities have a music library - Ours does here as I have used it for many years, especially for difficult to find organ works.
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