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Thread: Need help locating a song

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    Need help locating a song

    I am looking for the score to the 1970 Cinema Center Films adaptation of "Scrooge" It starred Albert Finney in the title role and featured some wonderful music. Specifically, I'm looking for the opening choral piece titled "Sing a Christmas Carol" Does anyone know where that score can be located? Thanks.

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    Re: Need help locating a song

    The soundtrack/song only seems to be available on LP


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    Re: Need help locating a song

    Depends on what kind of score you need, I did a search and found this:

    It should contain the "A Christmas Carol" by Leslie Bricusse, who made the music for the movie from 1970, which subsequently was made into a musical in 1992 I think. - Available on CD:

    Give it a try, if it's no good, then maybe if you try to boraden the search for "A Christmas Carol" and "Leslie Bricusse" and "Scrooge" - then you might get something else.

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