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Thread: The Romantic Generation

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    The Romantic Generation

    Has anyone read The Romantic Generation by Charles Rosen? I'm currently reading The Classical Style and enjoying it immensely. What do you all think of his next book?

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    What do I think of his next book? I don't know -- I'll have to wait until it comes out.

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    Charles Rosen has his fans... and, well-- I'm not one of them.

    But hey, if you're enjoying the read, you could well be in better company than me.

    On the matter of a "period-specific" book on Romanticism in music, I'd advocate Vindications- Essays on Romantic Music by Deryck Cooke. Because it consists of essays, the topics contained are limited- but very worthwhile nonetheless, such as- a Wagner essay [Cooke is probably the foremost English-language Wagner commentator of all-time], an expedition-leader's guide through the morass of alternate versions that make up the Anton Bruckner symphonic canon, a thoroughgoing analysis of Beethoven's Late String Quartets, and (for those of us who feel a little unsettled by non-tonal music) a great statement-summary essay titled "Reactionary."
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