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Oct-01-2006, 01:00
I know that this is the Progressive forum and I am sticking Kate Bush here deliberately. Collaborations with the great Prog-Rock God Peter Gabriel; extraordinary vocals; themed albums; astonishing stage act and the use of dance; brilliant and unusual use of instruments.

How could she not be Prog Rock?

Oct-01-2006, 01:08
I loved Kate Bush - her vocals were always up and down the scales and she was original in the subject matter that she chose for her songs. Has anyone listened to her (long time in the making) latest album?

Oct-01-2006, 02:57
I'v been a long time fan of Kate Bush. Her recent release has made my
appreciation for her even greater. The great thing about the latest cd is that
upon repeated listening, her music is just more fascinating.
I would love to see her live!


Oct-09-2006, 09:37
Progressive Rock by it's very name brakes all boundaries and wall, it is fusion in it's very essence. Kate's work has always been true to her vision and well if you look at the godfathers of Prog bands like Crimson & G.Giant they too stayed true to a vision (well like us all till self indulgents sets in!) Prog is a truly wide net and to say this or that is not Prog because... well that defeats the purpose that Progressive Rock first set out to remedy.

Eyes, Ears & Heart Open


Nov-24-2006, 21:57
Of course Kate should be discussed here. Fav album? Mine is Hounds Of Love!

Art Rock
Dec-11-2006, 22:08
I agree with both: she definitely is prog in my book, and Hounds of love is my favourite album. It is even my favourite album in the whole of pop/rock history! Her recent comeback double album Aerial is also very good by the way.

Feb-10-2007, 23:58
She has such an amazing voice and for sure is amongst the best of prog rock. Since hearing wuthering heights many years ago I was fascinated by her voice. No one else has ever come near to making the same sounds she does.
I will look out for her new album as I didn't realise it was out yet.

Feb-28-2007, 09:28
Yes, I'll agree with the Prog label for Kate. And I'll also second Art Rock - Ariel is a very good album. I've been having a good thorough listen over the past few weeks and it has some superbly affecting moments.

As affecting and emotional moments go however, little can better "This Womans Work" - probably the most beautiful song ever.


Mar-15-2007, 03:08
I love her music, her wonderful voice and inspiration, and I hope she keeps on composing...the latest one, 'aerial' is interesting. 'the kick inside' is probably the most touching one for me. hounds of love also. the only one that didn't affect me was the red shoes. amongst singles my favourites are 'the lord of the reedy river' after donovan's song, 'under the ivy', 'december will be magic again' . i used to sing her songs at some musical gatherings, that was so enjoyable!

Apr-15-2007, 20:14
I too have enjoyed her music over many years. She has such a unique voice that I remember when I first heard her I thought she was just doing a silly act? How wrong I was. Better still she has remained the same over many years which certainly puts her up there with the greatest. She is one artist who I can see going on for many years yet!

Jun-11-2007, 21:20
I have only one album by her: Aerial.

I like it a lot and need to check others soon. :up: