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Dec-03-2006, 08:05
Any Muse fans here?

I especially like Starlight and Knights of Cydonia, but I like pretty much all their stuff. Bliss, Hysteria, Unintended, etc. It`s all good! :up: :grin:

Feb-10-2007, 23:49
Yes I am a Muse fan (hence the username! ) and my favourite track is Sunburn. I thought that they had lost their way a little, but have had a return to form with their last album Black Holes and Revelations.

Feb-11-2007, 18:57
I have heard of muse and heard some of their songs and i must say they are an incredible band with great musicality and mind blowing lyrics. I should really dig deeper into their older works and whatnot and see if they are a band that i should further pursue.

Feb-11-2007, 20:38
Me too. :)

What other tracks besides Sunburn do you like, Museo?

Art Rock
Feb-12-2007, 14:00
Great band, especially the first three albums (I'm not sure about their most recent one). Butterflies and hurricanes is my favourite song with a great rachmaninovian piano interlude.

Feb-13-2007, 00:44
Excellent band - not usually my cup of tea, but since hearing them a couple of years ago I've been a casual fan. They've had a few good albums, and I quite liked most of the Absolution album as well as Butterflies and Hurricanes.

I won't be buying a concert ticket anytime soon, but I have to admit they are pretty good driving music.

Feb-17-2007, 18:35
Muse are really very good. I don't own any of it myself, but generally I find that I prefer their older music to their new album. Don't get me wrong, it's good, but songs like Butterflies and Hurricanes and Plug In Baby beats Supermassive Blackhole hands down.

Feb-18-2007, 07:52
Been checking out your suggestions; thanks guys.

Sunburn - Great song.

Plug in Baby - Good song, but I liked it less than other Muse tunes.

Butterflies and Hurricanes - Great song. Found the end a bit weak though. Art Rock- you weren`t kidding about that Rachmaninovian interlude there! :grin:

Feb-18-2007, 10:52
Aye, I think they're a clever young bunch of talented b*st*rds!:) Mr Bellamy especially. Don't have any albums as yet, but certainly have my favourites including Butterflies and Hurricanes, Sunburn, Thoughts of a Dying Atheist, Knights of Cydonia, Bliss. I hope they keep up the good work.


Feb-18-2007, 12:04
I think one of the best song's they've done has to be Time Is Running Out though. Exluding the piano interludes it just about sums up what they're about I think.

Mar-29-2007, 18:32
the guys are incredible. All their albums are great, and all different. From Sunburn, Showbiz to Map of Problematique and Knights through all the other songs:) They are great inspiration for many musicians (including ourselves) and many lovers of true music. World needs this music to survive and grow, I think...

Mar-30-2007, 01:39
Never heard of theem ill have to check it out.

Apr-11-2007, 21:43
I heard a great Muse cover of a song on the radio the other day. I think it was a B-side at some point but starts off

"You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off you"

My other favourite songs from the group are:

Unintended (quite haunting)
Plug in Baby (loud and rocky)
Supermassive Black Hole, as the guitar riffs remind me of T-Rex

Jun-29-2010, 00:26
Saw them live a few months ago, amazing show. Knights of Cydonia is my favourite muse song. The "No one's gonna take me alive" part live is so mind blowing. Can't say I'm a fan of the latest record though.

Aug-30-2011, 04:24
I've been enjoying listening to their last album when I have time. The chorus of Uprising is very strong.


Prog Head
Aug-30-2011, 06:35
Not my cup of tea.

Sep-01-2011, 17:44

Paranoia is in bloom,
The PR, transmissions will resume
They'll try to, push drugs that keep us all dumbed down
And hope that, we will never see the truth around
(So come on)

Another promise, another seed
Another, packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed
And all the, green belts wrapped around our minds
And endless red tape to keep the truth confined
(So come on)

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious
So come on

Interchanging mind control
Come let the, revolution takes its toll
If you could, flick the switch and open your third eye
You'd see that, we should never be afraid to die
(So come on)

Rise up and take the power back
It's time the, fat cats had a heart attack
You know that, their time's coming to an end
We have to, unify and watch our flag ascend
(So come on)

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious
So come on

Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious
So come on

Sep-21-2011, 06:45
they're a great band. awesome live.

Jan-07-2012, 00:56
I love them! I dunno which album more. They inspire me. I wish I'll see them live.

Jan-22-2012, 01:19
I like their paranoid political stance