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Jan-03-2007, 05:17
:confused: Now, before ya'll report me. I need help with writing a song. I said before ya report me cause im new and i dunno if tis is the right spot for it. I need some lyrics for a prog song. I thinkin along the lines of, Firth of fifth and Everyday (both steve hackett). PLZ HELP ME THANK YOU!;)

Art Rock
Jan-08-2007, 13:53
Worms shroud helpless fangs
Sorrow engulfs silver minions
Black cats kiss inner webs
Souls slice mocking manacles
Prayers lock up diseased treachery
Spirits suffer barren treachery
Evil sobs lethargic deception
Oblivion spews forth precious innocents
Hunger secretes embittered carrion
Sorrow desires incessant tears
Prayers writhe cringing needles
Devils slice darkened decrepitude
Prayers drink embittered passion
A ravenous She-wolf kisses lethargic nothingness
Souls spin baleful beauty
A dull knife summons embittered requiem

You're welcome. :)

Nov-28-2007, 15:33
That's just a list of lines, none of which make sense. How is that anything like "Firth of Fifth", which tells a story? What are your lyrics supposed to mean?

Why not something like

In darkest night I slumber fitfully turning
Fearing yet longing for the questing fingers of the new dawn.
It's been minutes, it's been years since I last saw your face
And I feel it's so hard for me to carry on.
My horse is watching over me as I lie here
A lone sentinel, his breath plumes in the midnight air
And I dream dark disturbed dreams,
I hear half-remembered screams
And I wake
And you're not there.

(Crap maybe, but at least it makes some sort of sense. You can't just spout a stream of consciousness and call it a lyric!)

No offence, I just dont see how your lyric could be made into a song....

Art Rock
Jan-04-2008, 13:59
ROFL - did not think anybody would take that seriously...

Jan-07-2008, 07:47
Art - made as good sense to me as any contemporary lyric ...

John Watt
Nov-24-2016, 05:17
Darling, you've been gone so long,
it's amazing I still feel this strong,
times have come and times have gone,
how could I have been so wrong.

I just don't know what to do,
when this cold, dark night, turns deep dark and blue,
you're not here to talk, so what more can I say,
it's a good thing I've got more enemies to slay.

As the dark shadows of the wings above me,
shield my soul from the burning rays of your hate,
I try to stand, I pull out my sword, as I try to rush your gate.
You are calling me, and calling me, but it's not about a date,
it's about a time, a time when you came out on top,
and now, you only want to use me again, squeezing out your own drops.

You use your breath, I smell only meth,
when you are knocking on my door this late at night,
saying kiss me, kiss me, let me in again, let's be tight together,
and it's the together I will see, when my face mirrors yours,
it's the drug that is talking, you aren't you any more.

Take yourself, take yourself as far away as you can,
don't let anyone else see you looking and acting this way.
You can still walk the streets by day, when people will listen to what you say,
but don't go out late at night, when eventually, the darkness won't go away.
I love you. I'll always love you, but I'm seeing that you changed,
and that change will be the death of me.
Go away. Get away from my door. I don't want to smell your breath no more.
Go away, please, go away, find your meth, your little death, and leave me alone.
That's all I want of you, and that's so easy to do, just leave me alone.
Did you hear that? That's Ever-ready my dog, growling at you.
Even Ever-ready is warning me, to shut the door and be through with you.
Here, my dog, here, we're still together, don't doubt my love for you.
Just go away, and leave the both of us alone.
Just go away, just go away.