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Jan-09-2007, 01:57
I seem to spend all my time on youtube these days - anyway, just found this nugget

YouTube - KING CRIMSON - 21st Century Schizoid Man (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcdM1xEiQN0)

its King Crimson playing 21st century schizoid man (although its a recorded version over the top) from 1969

This is their support slot to the famous Stones gig in Hyde park from 1969.

I've seen the stones set in colour many times - is the King Crimson set available anywhere? preferably in colour? Would love to see that!

Has anyone here seen it? Hey, long shot, was anyone there in 69?

King Fripp
Mar-20-2007, 22:22

There is not any Crimson 69-74 footage avalible on DVD or video. And it's a [deleted] , pardon my french, shame. If you're on YouTube, there is some other Crimso footage there, try easy money and Lark's Tongues.
However there is a whole lot of KC 69-74 live recordings avalible ,amongst these is the consert from Hyde Park you talk about. You can find them at the Robert Fripp / King Crimson web-site. And they're all price very reasonebly.

Let's hope Fripp comes to his senses (or finds enough material to release on a DVD) and puts some footage of the golden Crimson out on the marked.

OH! Nearly forgot, on the ELP Beyond the Beginning DVD, there is a bonus feature where you can see these 30-40 seconds shot with the black and white camra. The studio version of 21.Dude has been recorded over the original sound. Still, a very good DVD.

Aug-08-2007, 22:14
It's a shame!
I've read it was the gig where Robert Fripp felt King Crimson's career was going to begin!!!