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Jan-17-2007, 13:11
Anyone knows this band? What do you think about it? :grin:

Jan-17-2007, 19:55
Well, being a Canadian, of course I know the band. Here are some of my fave songs by them-

The Trees
Time Stands Still
Fly By Night
The Spirit of Radio
Red Barchetta
Tom Sawyer

and others :grin:

Frederik Magle
Jan-17-2007, 20:05
I think they are great and virtuosos on their respective instruments! For example Neil Peart (the drummer) is considered one of the very best rock drummers in the world, and I can't disagree.

I've got a couple of their albums. If I have to select a favorite it would probably be »Moving Pictures« but they are all good really.

Jan-18-2007, 11:00
I have their 30th anniversary DVD... the solo by Peart is astounding!!!
And as a singer myself, I really love Geddy Lee's voice (reminds me a lot of Jon Anderson)... and the lyrics!

My favourite songs are "Animate" and "Earthshine", but it's hard not to like all their songs, though!

Feb-09-2007, 10:37
I find this band good. Though their styles have been changing, I would consider them as a progressive rock band. Definitely Neil Peart is one of the finest drummers. He also is the lyricist of the band and a good one at that. His lyrics have invited bouquets as well as brick bats.

Feb-10-2007, 23:45
Rush are another band I really enjoyed more in the late 80's and 90's. Hey prest was and still is one of my favourite albums of all time with Superconductor and time stands still, being my favourite songs of all time. Over the years I have found their music really easy to listen to which is what appeals to me. It doesn't matter whether I am happy or sad Rush are always a good band to listen to.

Mar-06-2007, 17:33
Great band with great growth, then they completely lost it. Solid metal band for their 1st three albums, then did 2112, Hemispheres and Farewell to the King, which elevated their music to progressive hard rock. They hit their peak on Permanent Waves and the first half of Moving Pictures, talking all the experimentation of their progressive period, and tightening it up in shorter melodic song structures such as Free Will, Spirit of Radio, Tom Sawyer.


Apr-11-2007, 20:46
Rush were and still are awesome and for me have such a unique style. Once you have heard them I don't think their style can ever be forgotten and I don't think that anyone has come close to copying it as can happen with some popular groups.
Time stands still is one of my all time favourites, just such a shame they never got the acclaim their talent deserved.

Jun-05-2007, 18:29
I grew up listening and learning how to play guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums to Rush - and as such I was able to watch a band grow and retarget themselves at a regular interval. The first album (and concert) I got was A Farewell to Kings - at 13 years old I was blown away by the complexity of the music and the depth of the lyrics. Hemispheres came out and I spent a week with my Dual turntable slowing down La Villa Strangiato to pick out the guitar riffs and try to decypher them. Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures were less complex overall but mindblowing in how they were still able to flex their musical muscle but become incredibly popular at the same time. Keep in mind during that time AC/DC, Judas Priest, Devo, B52s, Foreigner, etc... were all over the radio and there wasnt anything that was particularly interesting going on.

Which made Signals (except for two songs) and some of the following CDs really disappointing. Sure, lyrically Neil grew... sure sonically the band grew, but to my ears they were taking in too much of the bands surrounding them and starting to sound derivative of the marketplace.

The latest CD though is a great balance of old/new - Alex has ditched the grossly overdistorted and over effected guitars for more nuanced sounds, Ged is singing with the same urgency as earlier in their career, and Neil is playing heavier than ever. Check it out!!

Andrew Roussak
Jun-05-2007, 23:41
Hi Amigoboomer,

which is the name of the album you mean? I would like to give it a try, too;
Actually I was ( almost ) a fan of Rush for a long time - but I was then ( just as you mean ) rather disappointed by one of their later albums - can't ever remember the name of them - the middle of the 90es, I believe, and it sounded like a regular hard rock for my ears.

Hope the guys have returned now to their roots - they are outstanding musicians and were once an outstanding band -

best regards,

Jun-11-2007, 06:30
Snakes and Arrows - just released about a month ago.

Andrew Roussak
Jun-11-2007, 12:48
Cool and thanx!!!!

Jun-30-2007, 16:18
I saw Rush live a few moons back and they were freakin awesome. Forget the big stage shows with all the theatrics, these catz just whale on their instruments.


Jul-01-2007, 23:35
Yes, I saw them 3 (I think) years ago, it was a good gig!!

Jul-03-2007, 11:36
I cant stand Geddy Lees voice.. I mean the music is good but I can't get over that voice. :p

Aug-01-2007, 08:55
Peart is undeniably one of the most astounding rock drummers around and for a trio, they create an amazing sound. Only have a handful of albums to go by (Farewell To Kings, Presto, Hold Your Fire, and mp3s from 2112). The R30 DVD is one of the best live performances I've seen in a long time (apart from seeing - and meeting - Yes in Melbourne in 03 of course!).

I can understand Lee's voice grating on some. It does take a bit of getting used to. He reminds me of David Surkamp (Pavlov's Dog) but Lee's voice definitely has more definition.

This YouTube link came up on another forum recently



Oct-19-2007, 01:48
Lee's voice is an acquired taste. He's a stylist, for sure. Peart makes that band. Heard their first album? They sounded more like Zeppelin than what they became the instant Peart joined. Being a drummer, the instant I heard him, I stopped dead in my tracks. He remains one of my favorites and really, the reason I hate doing drum solos. I mean, really, he does such a good one the world is not poorer because I usually don't do them!

I must say, I like Lee's voice better now that it's a bit lower!

Oct-21-2007, 19:26
i think rush is one of the greatest rock bands ever . Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater played in a Rush tribute band ... surely this influenced his drumming in DT.

Oct-22-2007, 18:50
i think rush is one of the greatest rock bands ever . Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater played in a Rush tribute band ... surely this influenced his drumming in DT.

Yes, playing Rush can't hurt your chops. Whenever a drummer plays a lot of notes, there's a need for articulation otherwise it's just a mash of sound. I'm glad I'm in a Genesis tribute and not a Rush tribute - so much to remember!! Phil didn't play the parts the same every night (lucky me!)