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Jun-12-2007, 15:20
The Swedish ISILDURS BANE are simply one of my top favorite prog bands in all times. Their music sounds to me like the perfect paradigm of symphonic progressive rock, with brilliant utilization of symphonic/chamber typical instrumentation, blended with awesome rock elements reminiscent of bands such as King Crimson, Frank Zappa and Pink Floyd, and some very nice Fusion influence as well. The band describes their own sound in these words: "Over the years we've gathered a lot of impressions from all around, though mainly from fusion, jazz, classical and theater music. Our musical development has also to do with new members coming from different backgrounds, such as pure rock, funk, classical and jazz." :up:

From their quite prolific discography my top 3 favorites are these:

- Mind Vol. 1
- Mind Vol. 2
- The Voyage: A Trip to Elsewhere

The audio quality of their recordings (later stuff especially) is usually top notch too. Mind Vol. 1 & 2, for example, are two of the best-sounding prog recordings I have ever heard. :clap:

Who else into this great Swedish band?


Art Rock
Jun-12-2007, 16:33

*makes more notes*

Jun-15-2007, 08:11

Check them out, you will be glad you did. :cool:

Art Rock
Jun-17-2007, 10:52
Listening to The Voyage: A Trip to Elsewhere as I type this. I agree, this is great prog, and right up my alley. Thanks for the tip! :tiphat:

Jun-25-2007, 10:27
I'm really fascinated that anyone actually know this band. 20+ years ago I was in a band called Minas Tirith and we were supporting band on a lot of Isuldurs gigs. Remember them as a great live act with some serious music performed on stage.


Sep-27-2007, 02:30
Pick up Sagan Om Ringen if you can. Its not like Mind at all but you can see where they were going. The melodies are quite pretty. Its out of print and $$$. Maybe try Wayside. Mind V1 is extremely mature. i could never get into the other Mind discs though.

Sep-28-2007, 05:36
What's with the Tolkien references? Does the music have anything to do with his mythology?

Oct-11-2007, 04:51

Oct-15-2007, 14:46
i have never heard of them
as a new listener to this band what album do you recommend to start with
plus i wanted to know about the Tolkien reference as been asked above
i really like Tolkien too and it will be interesting to know if there are some songs that are related to middle earth.