View Full Version : Camel anyone?

Jun-17-2007, 01:23
Camel, one of the most seminal progressive groups from the old seventies, is also one of my all-time favorite prog bands. I have their complete discography and must say I enjoy them all. :up: :clap:

Other fans of this great band over here? Which are your favorite recordings from this group?


Art Rock
Jun-17-2007, 07:04
Sure, I have them almost complete (missing some live albums). My favourites are Mirage and Moonmadness, which both would rank in my top100 pop/rock albums. Many prefer the Snowgoose, but that one appeals much less to me. Their best song for me is Tell me from Raindances.

Andrew Roussak
Jun-17-2007, 09:46
Yep, I like CAMEL too. Favourites - I would say RAINDANCES, and then I own one more recording of them which is relatively rare, as I guess - HARBOUR OF TEARS. Works a bit like a rock opera, and sounds really interesting, some melodic lines are great. But, if one has to speak about the presence of the BAND in the album - I would say I like the earlier recordings more than this one.

Deeru Piotr
Jun-25-2007, 16:36
Camel and specially guitarist Andrew Latimer are among my musical heroes and is a shame that they are so overlooked today, my favourite record is their Snowgoose

Jul-23-2007, 14:12
Yes!We love Camel they are a great inspiration to our music!:)

Aug-08-2007, 13:59
I enjoy a lot The Snowgoose and Nude, for me they are Music Masterpieces!