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Jun-21-2007, 22:12
I am writing to invite you to tune into http://www.headcaseradio.com this Saturday (Pacific Time - 1pm, Greenwich Mean Time - 9pm) to hear an interview with UK prog rock artist and Protos founder, Rory Ridley-Duff. He discusses the renewed worldwide interest in Protos, his well received debut solo album Passing Decades, plus work on a new album with guitarist Steve Anscombe to be released this autumn. DJ Meatwad, the station founder, hosts one of the best internet shows around, featuring (prog) rock music from 1-4pm Pacific Time (9-12pm UK time) each Saturday night. In addition to big name artists, the station promotes the cream of the Indie music scene. DJs have spent the last 3 years selecting 60 of the top Indie bands and features these each week on shows hosted by live DJs. You can subscribe to Head Case Radio podcasts at iTunes.

There is another piece of news for those following the worldwide surge in Indie music. CD Baby, one of the world's principle supporters and distributors of Indie music has teamed up with PayPlay, a new MP3 / WMA store. All of the albums released by New Horizons Music are available from the new service. Click the links below for more details:
RORY RIDLEY-DUFF: Passing Decades
PROTOS: One Day a New Horizon
PROTOS: Into the Mouth of the Tiger
RORY RIDLEY-DUFF / PROTOS: Space (and other Singles)
RORY RIDLEY-DUFF: A Question of Expression
Best wishes

Andrew Roussak
Jun-22-2007, 20:05
Hi Rory,

must be interesting - unfortunately I am not there over the weekend... Is there any possibility for you to record it and to put anywhere as a MP3 for downloading?


Jun-23-2007, 00:17

Head Case Radio publish podcasts at iTunes - I can download this and make the interview available as an MP3 hopefully.

All the best