View Full Version : Album Version of 'Travels'

Jul-21-2007, 00:10
Hi everyone,

Three months to go until release. Andrew suggested I put the final version of 'Travels' in this forum for critique. This is still the only place the track can be downloaded - although we have now started uploading tracks for streaming at various MP3 and Internet Radio sites.

Look forward to your comments.

Best wishes

Andrew Roussak
Jul-29-2007, 15:01
Hi Rory -

I like this version with the guitar solo much better as a previous one. A really cool crosstalk between gtr and keys at 02:34. Just a little point of improvement ( if still technically possible ) - I would generally prefer even more presence of the guitar, maybe some gtr effects sometimes ( Steve vai - you know... ). As far as I could hear from this recording, your guitar player should not have any problems with it. And maybe some other acoustic instruments to bring more "live" colour to the recording. Composition itself is great -

...and the best regards from DE