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  1. John Watt's Avatar
    Guitarzzz! I was asked by teddy to take a look at you, considering how I play guitar, and who I know.

    First of all, thank you for learning English. and don't feel oppressive about it.
    My ancestors created this prophecied global language before England was England.
    My mothers' clan system brought you the Holy Bible in English, the English Dictionary, and the Encyclopedia Britannica.
    The world's first encyclopedia was made to show Europeans that the natives of north and south america,
    weren't just running dogs with no language or prayer.
    There are Sons and Daughters of the Gael who speak Gaelic.
    Bay-an-uck-let, blessings on you, and as you could say,
    Agus oo hane a haritch, you as well friend.

    I play left-handed, with the bass strings on the bottom, and the highs on top.
    My friend Jeff Healey was blind, and played with his Stratocaster on his lap,
    reaching over to pull the high strings down, famous for his big bends.

    It's more than nice just listening to you, keeping you going while I'm typing.
    Fretting fingers want to know!
    as always, John Watt