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  1. VTS_10_1 Eddie RUKidding Another version

  2. Joint video 0 cleaner version Until it dies for some reason...... the gods prevailed

  3. More Music of Mass Destruction MOMD

  4. Eddie RUKidding Music! from Studio ED

    Some clips of my stuff - more to come in progress. Watch out I have been hitting Studio Ed again - the recording Lab and more stuff is on the way - I'm think collage this time and maybe MOMD (Music of Mass Destruction- as a theme mmmmmm)

    There is an idea, the basis of an internal structure, expanded and split into different shapes or groups of sound constantly changing in shape, direction, ...
  5. Connect with Music on the internet Fast

    Music soothes minds and calms your soul. A lot of people feel that music is the purest form of expression in this harsh and cruel world. People love music, some can’t sing but just listening to music gives them pleasure. One of the popular ways of ignoring the world and your problems to escape into a wonderland is putting on your headphones, loud the volume, close your eyes and just listen to music and for a moment forget everything in the world. Now if you hear a song on the radio you can have ...
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