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  1. confused snare drum

    i have just got hold of a snare drum that was being trown away ,and was trying to reserch it with no luck after several hours of looking, the confusion is it has a makers mark of besson &co london,but this company does not make drums,its a metal drum with anyone point me in the right direction ,thx paul
  2. Does Listening to Classical Music Enhance One's Ability Listening to Other Music?

    I have noticed that since I began to really listen to and appreciate classical music over the course of the past 2 months or so, I also seem to have developed a more "discerning ear"--for want of a better description--when I return and listen to jazz, which is really my original love. What I mean by this statement is that I now seem to be more skillful in picking out themes in jazz pieces and how they develop--whether improvised or not--than I was before I started "getting into" ...

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  3. It's been a while... sorry for not checking back sooner :)

    It's been sometime since I joined you guys and sadly my effort at staying involved has been poor, I can only say sorry.

    I am back to get feedback (honest) as I love singing and song writing, but sometimes we can't see the wood for the trees and we need others to help us grow.

    Please, if you have the time have a listen and let me know what you think:

    Some Tracks

    Thanks and be gentle with me

  4. The tauranga jazz festival

    Just a few pics of the 2009 Tauranga jazz festval.

    The entrance

    imported Sat 5th Dec 09 015.JPG

    An ancient trio

    imported Sat 5th Dec 09 008.JPG

    The start of a jam session with a fine Lady trumpet player, note the joker on wash board the drummer arrived later as did other musicians.
    imported Sat 5th Dec 09 024.JPG
  5. New vBulletin format

    Quote Originally Posted by JHC View Post
    Re blogs, I saw World Violinist's blog on TC and it was interesting, I am not sure what we should put on our blogs I think if it is just a diary type thing us oldies would not provide much of interest or would we?
    For want of anything better this is a start to my blog

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