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tha Anadote

Just trying to reach out and collect feedback...

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I combine poetic stories through hiphop with a more musical/symphonic twist and look to inspire and be inspired and push to make a difference through music by any means necessary...Looking for some feedback. Album coming soon... summer 2012! Please note that everything i post at this point is produced, written and performed by myself minus a couple of the older tunes which i co-produced but wrote and performed and i'd be happy to have anyone's opinion on any of the 3... The one thing is that I am half deaf lol and DO NOT HAVE ANY MIXING ability or an ear for it so everything for now is completely raw... Hope to chat with many and hear others great tunes and share thoughts... here's a link to some of my music in which i have tons stockpiled and lots on the way... and this is one of my newest one's that will be on the upcoming album...

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How to reach out?