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    Prog Head

    Freedom To Glide

    The third F2g album is set for release next year.

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    Food for thought

    I think when a forum falls below critical mass it is doomed at least 99% of the time. with BC there were at most about half a dozen posters at the end.

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    Bustle music new era of streaming

    The music world is changing and we are now facing the era of streaming. We all now the giants of this system but some small compagnies seem to try make

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    The oldsters alphabet

    I thought H was for hair loss ...

    Krummhorn Jul-24-2017, 10:52 Go to last post

    Food for thought

    Yeah, I've been wondering about Teddy myself lately too. Last activity was Dec 2016.

    [QUOTE=JHC;180422]Yes Mike or other forums, I have

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