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Request a copy of the album Like a Flame for review

Like a Flame album cover - Frederik Magle

If you are a reviewer/journalist and/or music blogger, you can request a copy of the double-album Like a Flame for review.

Please fill out this contact form with your name and email-address. Select "Request an album review-copy" as Subject, and write where you intend for the review and/or article to be published, as well as your affiliation with that media, in the message field. Thank you.

More information about Like a Flame - New organ music by Frederik Magle



The album review copy will be sent to you free of charge and you can keep it indefinitely. You are allowed to make copies for your own use, but may not re-distribute it in any way without express permission (as per regular copyright laws).

You are not under obligation to publish a review/article after receiving the album, but you will be sent the album review copy under the good faith assumption that you intend to do so when sending the request.

Like a Flame


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