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Fusion and Crossover Music –
Classical Crossover by Frederik Magle

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Aside from classical music, Frederik Magle is also very active within the field of crossover music (or fusion), breaking down barriers and crossing various forms of classical music with other genre such as rock music, hip hop, jazz, electronic music, and more. Here are some examples of classical fusion and crossover music projects where Frederik Magle has been involved:

Classical and Rock Music Fusion/Crossover

Avantgarde Jazz and Contemporary Classical Music Fusion

Frederik Magle playing organ
At the pipe organ console in Koncerthuset, Copenhagen.

Hip Hop and Classical Music Crossover

  • Music video by Danish hip hop group Suspekt with the crossover track "Helt Alene" (All Alone) from the album "Elektra" released September 2011 (Gold in Nov. 2011). All music performed by symphony orchestra is composed, arranged and orchestrated by Frederik Magle.

    In the video the orchestra can be heard from 1:17 to 1:52 and from 2:48 to 4:33 (the end features the orchestra solo):

Frederik Magle conducting a symphony orchestra
Frederik Magle conducting the orchestra at the release concert of "Elektra", 2011.

  • Live recording (low quality, recorded with mobile phone by a member of the audience) of Suspekt's "Parasitter" (Parasites), from the release concert September 10th, 2011, in Koncerthuset, Copenhagen. Frederik Magle plays the pipe organ and conducts the orchestra at the same time.

    Music performed by organ and orchestra composed, arranged and orchestrated by Frederik Magle (except recurring 5-tone violin pattern which is orchestrated, but not composed, by Frederik Magle):

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Visit the Fusion and Crossover Music Forum on Magle International Music Forums for fusion and crossover music discussions.


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