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Kosmos (2004)
(ClassicO CLASSCD 478)

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"Phønix" (More info and free MP3 download)
"Cantilena" (More info and free MP3 download)
Download an excerpt from "Kosmos" for trumpet and organ [4.0 MB - 160kbps MP3 Format]

[1] Niels W. Gade: In Eastern Skies the Sun ascends (2:06)
[2] Frederik Magle: Phoenix (8:05)
[3-10] Gabriel Fauré: Requiem (30:23)
[11] Frederik Magle: Kosmos (6:53) *
[12] Frederik Magle: Cantilena (4:45) *
[13] W.A. Mozart: Ave Verum Corpus (2:19)
[14] C.E.F. Weyse: Night so deeply quiet (1:04)

The Cecilia Choir conducted by Gunnar Svensson
Signe Hyldgard, soprano / Martin Palsmar, baritone
Ole Andersen, trumpet / Anton Lasine, violin / Nina Sclemm, harp / Klaus Jerndorff, organ / Frederik Magle, organ (*)


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