Light on Your Path

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Track 1 = "Light on your path!" for organ and brass quintet, Part 1 (05:14)

Track 2 = "Light on your path!" for organ and brass quintet, Part 2 (03:01)

• The original version of "Light on your path" - the piece, that was given it's first perfrmance at the baptism of H.H. Prince Nikolai in Fredensborg castle, november 6, 1999 (Read more about the baptism here). For this CD, it has been recorded in Concerthall of the Danish Radio (Which holds the third-largest pipe organ in Denmark) with Frederik Magle (playing the organ) and The Brass Ensemble of the Royal Danish Guard.

"Light on your path" is dedicated to His Highness Prince Nikolai William Alexander Frederik to Denmark.

Track 3 = "Intermezzo" for brass quintet (01:14)
• World premiere recording of a new piece for brass quintet, composed for the CD.
The music was finished the night before the recording session, and is the newest piece on the CD

Track 4 = "Rising of a new day" for symphony orchestra (06:05)
• Another world premiere recording. A highly virtuoso orchestral piece with a cinematic, sound-track like, character.

Track 5 = "Dance of the Planets" (Klodernes Dans) organ-improvisiation (05:27)
• A "free" improvisation. A piece composed and recorded in one take without any kind of preparation.

Track 6 = "Calm Ocean" piano-improvisation (03:38)

Track 7 = "Flying" piano-improvisation (02:43)

Track 8 = "Prière" piano-improvisation (03:32)
• Three free improvisations for piano, where Frederik Magle among other qualitys demonstrate his abilities as a pianist.

Track 9 = "Sun of the Spring" Fantasia for organ (07:19)
• This piece was given it's first performance at the Royal Familys visit to Stubbekøbing in the spring 1999. It was also used - in a reduced version - as prelude at the baptism of Prince Nikolai

Track 10 = "Sleep sweetly little child" Choral Fantasia on T.H.Laub's hymn. (13:48)
• "Sleep sweetly little child" was sung by the Danish Radio's Girls' choir at the royal baptism, and can be heard here in an extended arrangement, composed by Frederik Magle for this CD.

Track 11 = "Light on your path!" orchestral version (06:43)

• The last piece on the CD is a new orchestration of "Light on your path" for symphony orchestra (also written for the CD). With the addition of new elements, not heard in the original version

Total playing time = 59:36