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Thread: Black is the Color

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    Black is the Color

    I'm very pleased to fine this great music discussion site and humbled by the degree of talent represented here.

    This is my derivative piano piece on the anonymous, Irish, Black is the Color of My true Love's Hair. I believe it goes a little deeper than being just an arrangement. Would you classify it as an arrangement - I suppose that's subjective. Or should it be decidedly different enough to be derivative.

    There's that solitary bass note I bounce (it stands out) after the middle of the piece, which, I like the reason for it being there, but I'm not quite sure it really works. What do you think? Does it call attention to itself. Please be frank in all respects.

    Also included is: Italian Love Song - which I sketched based on the comic movie performances of Giancarlo Gianinni in Seven Beauties and The Seduction of Mimi.

    black is...

    Italian Love Song

    Thanks. Roy
    Hope you like it.

    black i...

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    Hey! I really like it! Amazing!

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    I really love it.. Thanks for sharing this to us!

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