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Thread: Technics SX-G7 Keyboard problem

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    Technics SX-G7 Keyboard problem

    Hi this is my first message, I am warden of an anglican Church in Spain we have a Technics SX-G7, great souns but one key does not work, the middle 'C' on the lower keyboard. I suspect a simple connection problem which I am capable of fixing but as we do not have the service manual I am daunted by all the screws under the keyboard, unsure which are necessary to unscrew to gain access, can anyone advise please

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    Welcome...did you check the web site for that company for help with problem.Maybe use a Google, Bling.....
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    Hello Martin

    Welcome to the forum, I hope you find the information you want.


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    Hi Martin,

    Have you fixed your G7 yet? I can help you get your key fixed. I repair Technics organs and I have 2 G7's here. I also have spare parts. Please send me an E-mail and I can help you get your organ fixed. Write me at

    Dead keys are a common problem with G7's if they are used in a smokey enviroment. After removing the screws and lifting the keyboards, remove the circuit board for the key contacts. You will see a membrane on the back of the board. It easily peals off and you can clean the contacts with alcohol and a Q tip. That should fix it. If you need help, you can call me at 920-237-1450

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