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Thread: Original or cover?

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    Original or cover?

    Alright, so I'm having a major argue with my mom, as she says "Haru Haru" by BIGBANG is similar to Maggie Reilly's "Everytime we touch" Because of this, she says the whole thing is a cover of the song by Maggie Reilly.
    I myself, find it hard to find the similarity. Can anyone please tell me weather she's right or not, because it's really a family argue now that dad mixed in and took my moms side. xD

    BIGBANG - Haru haru:

    Maggie Reilly - Everytime we touch:

    Thank you. ^_^

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    I don't know how can this even be asked. Why is the original original? Because it is made/sang by the author that invested everything he knows in it. He probably gave his soul to his song when trying to record it. And what about the cover? Someone that learned to play on example a guitar - takes the original as it is, don't even think that maybe someone whose work is that even not agrees for this to be done to him, and then he records himself and put the video on YouTube. By doing this the only thing that matters to him is how much views he will have and will he be recognized as a talent by the society. Not fair at all. Therefore I don't like the simple idea of covering.

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