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Thread: Happy Birthday Mister Chopin

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    Thank you dearestestest Frydryk for sharing your amazing techniques, dazzling ornaments and piano poetics with us all. I'm proud to be on the planet you were born on. May you always have the candelabras, fine elegance and perfection which you seeked. And so it is.

    Thanks for this topic Contratrombone! Chopin was such a master, and I loved his altitude - I mean attitude too. He has taught me so much, and his cambiatas, 7lets, 10lets and 40lets have given me a lifetime of work to do! When ever I need to leave this world, I pull out his Konzert or Nocturne in Cm or something and fly to Chopinesqueland - yes that's a word in my vocabulary, thanks to Chopin, Frédéric François, my hero.
    Wagner's music is better than it sounds. - Mark Twain's Autobiography

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    Happy B-day Mr. Choppin'
    *If a man wants God to hear his prayer quickly, then before he prays for anything else, even his own soul, when he stands and stretches out his hands towards God, he must pray with all his heart for his enemies. Through this action God will hear everything that he asks* -Abba Zeno-

    *Protagoras: "Truth is subjective. What is true for you, and what is true for me, is true for me. Your opinion is true by virtue of its being your opinion."

    *Socrates: "My opinion is: Truth is absolute, not opinion, and that you are in absolute error. Since this is my opinion, then according to your philosophy you must grant that it is true."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Goring View Post
    Thank you Mr. Johann Heinrich Chuzzlewit for this delightfully irreverent, if unsubstantiated assertion.

    Chopin was adept at the construction of figuration which generates a clear harmonic flow while at the same time permitting linear elements to emerge through the pattern, but he could not write counterpoint, indeed, all through his work the harmonized tune excludes counterpoint. This is why Chopin fails as a composer, and it may be judged as symptomatic of intellectual degeneration that he is more recorded than William Byrd.

    Lord Goring
    Kingston Blount, OX9
    Excuse lord Goring
    You wrote Chopin fails as composer!!!!
    In the world Chopin is celebrated as the greatest composer of Romantic-era and you say a nonsense!!!
    I'd like knowing what studies you made in order to tell this thing.
    You based your analysis about the counterpoint of Chopin and because it is missed, Chopin fails as composer.
    But you unterstood what you wrote.
    What do you mean for counterpoint?
    Guys did you study or did you pretend to study?
    Then the monodic tunes which hadn't counterpoint, their weren't music.
    Poor guy!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wljmrbill View Post
    I would say " that just because you do not write counterpoint does not mean that you can not be a composer" counterpoint is an art in itself... many composer write excellent music even if it is not counterpoint as such. " He is not BACH :he is CHOPIN!!"
    Guys you have to study very hard and don't say that thing.
    Counterpoint was an art in itself!!!!
    But do you say what you wrote?
    What do you mean?
    Brahms used counterpoint in many parts of his masterworks!!!
    So Wagner composed a beautiful ouverture Meistersinger over the counterpoint!!
    Counterpoint is one of most techniques which a composer could use.

    Why don't study more and more, indeed telling that?

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