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Thread: Electronic music discussion

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    I feel slightly intimidated posting here, as I am not as educated on sound as others are. Perhaps I joined the wrong forum.
    All I know is that when music moves me some how, be it USA country, with its acoustic guitar, or electronica, I like it.
    I mostly listen to a genre of electronica that has not been mentioned here, yet: snythpop. While a lot of it came out of the 1980's (and that's where is should have stayed), there is a lot of good stuff circulating now.
    Take for example Wolfsheim, powerful lyrics sung by Peter Hepner (hope I spelled his name right), and simple and not-too over powering music. Alas, they have not produced anything for a few years but there is still hope.
    Then there is VNV Nation, a cross between industrial and snythpop. Again they have ageless lyrics and beats that make you want to dance. I just saw them live and they interact positively with the audience and lead you to believe that they are enjoying themselves as much as you are.
    I guess what I like most about this genre is the honest emotions in the lyrics set to up beat sounds....We get a message and even if it is sad we don't have to cry over it (like in a country song) instead we can dance to it and celebrate the emotion.
    Corny? I know, but that's how I feel about electronica.

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    I think electronic music, like any music, can be good or bad, depending on the artist and the taste of the listener. I got into composing through the use of synthesizer and sequencer, and still write a good bit of music that way. I also have written for acoustic instruments; it all depends on what I want the music to do.

    My first introduction to "electronic music" was Laurie Anderson. From there I went to Peter Gabriel and also David Van Teigham (sp?). I also got into Depeche Mode, OMD, and some other "synthpop" groups.

    I understand that some people don't like synthesizers, sequencers, and such. I don't understand, however, when people put down what they don't like.

    (Of course, then too, I also play the banjo. )

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    I love Electronica and all forms of electronic music. Nowadays i listen to experimental electronica more than any other kind of music. I've just become sick on the same old same old sounds and music patterns of more popular types of music. I still love all music though.

    I like Lamb's "B-Line" song.

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    I have listened to electronic music since kraftwerk came along and still find it amazing what people come up with. from Jean michel jarre etc. And have used it alot myself but tried to add acoustic and electric guitar to it. there is so much nowadays in terms of software etc. and I think due to the huge amount now available I miss that people try and make music rather then leaving it to the pc to do it, meaning ready made samples and long soundscapes pre produced. And lastly so much electronic in the various genres miss melodies, a red thread theuogh a piece :-)


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