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Thread: What is your favorite Hauptwerk Sample set?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lombardo View Post
    Hi all!

    I can explain the "E1 - sounds C1, F1 - sounds F1, F#1 - sounds D1, G1 - sounds G1, G#1 - sounds E1"

    You have described the short octave ("oitava curta"). It was used on some ancient potuguese, spanish and italian organs.

    As there was no music with C#1 and D#, the organ builders didn´t make those pipes. It was less expensive and organ players could make 10ths. It's a very interesting aspect on some of these organs.

    It becomes very funny when you play a C scale or the c arpeggio.

    Hi Lombardo !
    Better late than never, say in Greece, so your post solved my problem.
    Blessed and thanks a lot and tripple cheers

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    When I was looking for a large baroque instrument, I listened to quite a few demos on the various websites proposing the shorlisted competitors.

    I eventually selected the Hinsz from Kampen's Bovenkerk, as I really fancy the Dutch sound. I finally managed to buy the 3 volumes - quite a hefty price in the end - but I do not regret it. This instrument is fantastic, especially as I also appreciate wet instruments.

    I'm so happy with it I am not currently considering trying another one...

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    I got the website for the Stiehr Mockers a little wrong - it is
    Since writing my original post in 2010, we've also released the Jeux d’orgues 3 – Silbermann (1745) organ, which is now also a favourite

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