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Thread: New Prog band from Canada : Code 18

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    New Prog band from Canada : Code 18

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to present a new progressive-rock band from the Outaouais region in Canada : Code 18.

    New to the music scene, Code 18 offers a four track demo of their future concept album Human Error! "New Prog" well describes Code 18's style of Progressive Rock. Inspired by the great Prog of the 70s paired with neo-prog, this album offers a unique yet contemporary sound. Influenced by classical music, the songs offer an interesting musical complexity. Sometimes soft, harmonious and perhaps atmospheric, the group also delivers energized and rhythmic passages.
    You can listen to the demo on their website :

    Please, have a listen.
    Your comments are welcome!

    Johnny Maz

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    Hi Johnny,

    I just had a listen to your songs on your myspace profile and i really like the ambient feel. I'm from a band called Caprycon and we're from Perth Western Australia. We're new to this forum. It's great to come across so many different bands.

    If you have some time, maybe check out our profile

    our music is a bit experimental but the new songs we're working on now a little more progressive.

    All the best

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    Good music, but I had to click multiple times to hear something. Try something easier like youtube or soundcloud. People want to enter the website and instantly try urs sound.

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    Nice music! But i agree with tilnaay. or maybe a better programmer

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