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    Evolution Eden...

    Evolution Eden makes a ton of noise and Rocks the World at LA Music Awards !!!

    A hot new album, a nomination for the best rock album, and best rock drummer, Evolution Eden is gathering new fans globally. They ROCK !

    The band is a 3 piece melodic ROCK powerhouse from California. The bands has now been recognized for being TRUE Rock Gods with three nominations at the 2010 LA Music Awards.

    1.Best Rock Album (Saturday Night Drive In !)
    2.Best Rock Single (Center of the Universe)
    3.Best Rock Drummer (Jim Bove)

    Their album “Saturday Night Drive In” is one of the best releases that Blue Pie has been associated with. This is classic and takes you back to a time when guitars and solid drumming meant that you had a rock band. The album is nominated for "Best Rock Album" and their drummer has been nominated at the prestigious 2010 LA Music Awards. The music and band is influenced by greats like The Stones, The Offspring, Bryan Adams, The Beatles, Led Zep, U2 and Aerosmith to name a few. Their music is catchy rock and needs to be played LOUD.

    The lads have been asked to play back at the Whiskey this summer for the “LA Music Awards Voting party”. A great honour for the Band and the Blue Pie marketing team.

    The 1st single that has been circulated to radio is " Center of the Universe ". This track is available to all media, radio and press for FREE from Air Play Direct. See the links below. This song is the 1st single that is being pushed to radio globally.

    Ron Nevison (5 time grammy award winning rock producer; Led Zepplin, Bad Company, Heart, Damn Yankees – to name a few) - These guys ROCK !
    One of the best acts that we have had on the label ever - Damien Reilly - CEO - Blue Pie
    The best new rock to hit the air waves in the past year - Demo Dude - Australia

    You can check out the band at the following links:
    Read all the latest news on the BAND THAT ROCKS LA !!!
    You can download Evolution Eden at all leading digital retailers on the planet. We suggest iTunes, EMusic, Amazon and Napster.
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