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Thread: The figured bass

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    The figured bass

    There was a development in the way figured bass lines were interpreted so that long held notes were cut short (despite Bach's written text). There obviously was some scholarly research undertaken and then the entire "authentic movement" decided this was "gospel" (you can't go against the flow afterall, even if you are following a trend without your own research).

    Who was it that decided this was the way to play figured bass? A lot of the time it seems to me to go against the way Bach annotated his harmonic changes, for example, if there's a long held bass note and the harmonies change above (indicated by figures above the notes) in "authentic" practice these are ignored for the sake of shortening the bass note in this "stylistic" attitude ...
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    I thought a figured bass was a male opera singer dressed in drag.

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    Kh ~~.

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