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Thread: Help me regarding music software

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    Help me regarding music software

    Hello everyone,
    I am in love with music since my school life. I and my friends are trying to play and perform some songs. The problem is that we sometimes out of Sync and we can’t conveniently play together. Please suggest me any good musical software having extremely friendly interference so we can practice in a convenient and effective way.

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    Are you a newbie? How long are you practicing for? If you have plans to form a Band and perform some Gigs then other than software you also need lots of personal efforts for perfection.

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    These are general problems faced by every person at initial stages. when i and my friend started we also faced similar problems . I found notes helper.helpful.

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    Go to am not sure of the spelling but in case the spelling is not correct do a google search on sibelius software and i think that site wil help you.cheers

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    You can also look at it as a "long time investment" my friend
    Nowdays there are no "difficult" software anymore. So you can try the "best" to fit your needs.
    There are plenty (and free) tutorials on the internet regarding any of the music software available.
    Use anything with a VST support. Try CUBASE. It has an unbelievable way to process wave files as well as manipulating them. I cannot say more and clearer than the review. Check this one
    You can also check my site. 90% of the music work done is on CUBASE. The other 10% is REASONv4.0 which is also good but it is limited (no VST support) and had a "reason" sound. On Cubase the sound is clearer.
    If you need any details pm me.
    Take care
    Always honest

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