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Thread: GrandOrgue commercial sets INDEX

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    GrandOrgue commercial sets INDEX

    Friends of GrandeOrgue Hallo again !

    During the last 4 months I was lookin' around the web for more sets for GO (=HW1 versions mostly and few dedicated GO), after runnin'out of free sets, I went to the commercial side.....

    So, I massed all my findings in 4 major sites as shown bellow.
    One drawback in my opinion is that some of them, as you will find out when visiting the sites, are very expencive, some go higher than HW3 advanced version !!

    Also I have to say that I'm not related in any way with those sites or any commercial ones. And this thread is not in any way any kind of commercial publicity, just an informative index for all GO fans of what kind of virtual organ sets they can find on the commercial side and decide if they want to go and buy or will stay with the free sets on offer.

    One good friend of mine, professor of electronics & studio apps and very known recording studio owner in Athens, told me the other day : "Why go and buy a program you don't get any money from it?"
    I'm not answering, just passing his view to forum discussion.

    Reminding for newcomers to GO : all sets you can find for HW1, normaly work perfect in GrandOrgue v.1/v.2/multi & in older MyOrgan (extension : .organ).

    So, here's the INDEX :

    A. Pipe Organ Works - Musique d'Orgue (our own fellow member Jean-Paul's) site.

    1. Orgue de Pibrac (full version) -Listen to the beautiful Adagio....
    2.Kitchener Organs : No.1-2-3-4
    3.Moller Organ 358
    4.Moller Organ 370
    5.Moller Organ 380

    ORGUES de PARIS (ODFs only - but I think J.P. develops them - correct me please) :
    1. 1830 Abbey organ at St.Roch
    2. 1850 Cavaille'-Coll at St.Croix - St.Jean
    3. 1900 Merklin organ at St.Joseph
    4. 1852 Cavaille'-Coll at Notre-Dame de l'Hopital du Val de Grace
    5. Puget organ at Belleville

    B. The Mystic Organ - L'Orgue Mystique site. This site has also a program for creating our own ODFs for GO(!).

    1. LOM organ opus.1
    2. LOM organ opus.2

    C. Sygsoft Holland (Hauptwerk) site.This site offers the excellent Bezemer Harpsichord as free (with e-mail confirmation ect), but also as buy (??) and also says that the new version is free from HW site in HW3 version

    1. 1733/34 Hinsz organ at Leens
    2. 1778 Van Peteghem organ at Haringe
    3. 1959 Vermoelen organ at Vloedschuurcommunity
    4. 1704 Arp Schnitger organ at Eemun
    5. 1531 unknown builder's organ at Krewerd
    6. 1741 Muller organ at Oosterwijtwerd (the same as HW3 free set,but as commercial(buy) in HW1 !! - can anyone tell me why?)
    7. 1959 Van Leeuwen organ at Leeuwen
    8. 1879 Van Oeckelen organ at Wirdum

    D. Sonus Paradisi site.
    Usualy this company produces sets for HW3. Three of the following sets comming as HW1 version free gifts when you buy the HW2/3 version.The others are available as HW1sets on request only.

    1. 1721 Arp Schnitger organ at Zwolle
    2. 1600 Antgniatti organ at St.Carlo Brescia (on request)
    3. 1642-1673 Prague Baroque Organ
    4. 1762 Jordi Bosch organ at Mallorca (on request)
    5. 1702 St.Augusti at Palma (on request)
    6. 1627 Forcalquier organ (doesn't say witch HW version...if not HW1, must exclude it)
    7. 1587 Smecno full version (now under update work - also the free version)
    8. 1627 Doksy - Kruh organ (on request)
    9. 1763-65 Peruc organ (on request)

    E. Miscellaneous sites.(see post replies for details)

    1. Groton organ at Lil'Waldingfield & S.Suffolk - Lavender Hill site
    2. 1966 Schantz organ - Evensong site
    3. 1895 Carl Schafer organ at Neckarsulm - Prospectum site
    4. 1990 Kaul organ at Weinsberg - Prospectum
    5. 1748 Adam Ehrlich organ at Bad Wimpfen - Prospectum

    So, this is it so far. As you see there are no harpsichords on sell (?!) with the exception of Bezemer.

    The same I posted(free sets thread) about rerberation adding in GO, applies also here, but some of the above sets (mostly Paradisi) come as wet sets in HW1 version (a rare thing...), so if one selects a set like this, doesn't need any reverb.

    In my modest opinion though, every GO user must follow GGoode's tutorial on adding reverb using Jack audio connection kit. This makes the whole GO program a complete Pipe organ reproduction in our living places - unless one uses GO (due to low budget) in a Church !!

    Hope you enjoy this index as the one with the free sets and find it informative too.

    Have fun!
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    Hi Panos,

    The Groton, Little Waldingfield and South Suffolk from Lavender Audio ( are also available in HW1 format (they don't advertise this but the HW3 dvd also has them in HW1 format (44khz, 16-bit) - with no encryption. The HW3 set is at a higher sample rate).

    The 1966 Schantz organ from Evensong ( comes with a HW1 version (and if you purchase the HW3 version with the extra ranks you can either ask Jonathan or myself for an .organ file for it as well).

    Prospectum Organs ( advertise three HW1 organs:
    Frauenkirche Neckarsulm, Carl Schäfer, 1895, II/P (I/P), 22 (5) stops
    St. Johannes Weinsberg, Orgelbau Kaul, 1990, II/P, 34 (20) stops
    Stadkirche Bad Wimpfen, Adam Ehrlich, 1748, II/P, 26 (23) stops

    I'm sure there are more, but this is all I can thank of tonight


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    Thanks Graham. I forgot Prospectum : they also give us the Happy Birthday free set ! and the Anloo free impulse responce sets (a normal .wav and an SIR2 advanced).

    I didn't know Lavender had a HW1 version "encrypted" on DVD..... nice.
    Evensong...also. Isn't Giwro involved in someway there ?
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    Hi Panos,

    Yes, 'Giwro' is Jonathan Orwig and owner of the Evensong name & creator of the Schantz organ set (he is also the creator of the 1st version of the Stiehr Mockers - Jeuxdorgeus2 set).

    The Lavender Audio DVD contains the encrypted HW3 sample sets, and unecrypted HW1 sample sets...

    I have both of these sets, so if anyone has any difficulties getting them working with GrandOrgue, I can help out.


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    Hello Panos,

    About the Sonus Paradisi sample sets:
    - The Forcalquier set is, as far as i know, HW3 only.
    - There used to be a HW1 version of the Litomysl set, but Jiri Zurek withdraw it from his price list some time ago. But if there is sufficient interest, maybe he could be asked to provide it again. The set is wet and huge, 3.15 Gbytes. It came on 3 CD's and was issued in 2005.

    All the best,

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    Thanks Erik !! I sould edit the index as you pointed ouy about these sets, throu the admin team.

    If you can get some more info for other sets, just post here !

    All the best wishes
    *It's like a fight with women, which always ends in .... bed.*
    F.Kafka, Aphorisms.

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