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    Fresh Sounds presents to you London’s premier unsigned bands review.

    Fresh Sounds is bringing the action to London once again.
    To usher in the coming of the dark winter months, we have some equally dark Metal Music for you. Five up and coming artists from the London area, will help turn the Mean Fiddler into a metallers perfect Friday night out!

    Media; draw in their unique sound from all over the rock genre. They successfully adopt the old-skool metal vibe from bands such as Metallica and Megadeath while picking up on the industrial influences of American Head Charge and Slipknot and the in your face punch of hardcore punk. Surprisingly melodic vocals are pierced by shocking screams to strike the balance. “Think Napalm Death covering a Motorhead song and you won’t be far off.

    Taming The Insane; are a rebellion against the contrived and fake British Metal Scene as it stands today. They take the best elements of what they already know to be quality Heavy Metal (from such Artists as American Head Charge, Sikth, Pantera and Slayer) then use them as a basis to start something brand new, unheard and ironically untamed. Taming the Insane being fully united will surge forward, gaining momentum and power to rip through the barriers of your minds and enlighten you to the true darkness of your souls.

    The Voice; will be bringing raw power to the evening with their roaring, rumbling thrash metal sound. The band are reminiscent of Sepultura, with often tribal drums, and fast winding guitar solos - there's plenty of growl factor from the menacing frontman, and bass packs an urgent, busy sound. Early Metallica is in evidence as another influence, with good solid thrash 'n' riffage forming a tough metal backbone. The songs have enough interesting variation in their structure while still maintaining a concise, fresh approach.

    Denounce; described as a thrash/hardcore powerhouse Denounce provide an all encompassing, haunting mix of death and pain, delivered with single-minded rhythm and riffs to drool over. Denounce fit in perfectly to the new wave metal scene lead by such killer artists as Shadow’s Fall, Caliban, Lamb of God and the Stampin’ Ground and they do this comparison justice! Don’t be mislead though, this is something you have not heard before but it does and will demand your full attention.

    Reasonable Doubt; This Kent based Hardcore 5 piece have come a hell of a long way in recent times which is evident in their packed out gig history and rapidly increasing fan base and with the energy and power they display it’s not hard to see why! These guys have a definite Machine Head, Pantera and Black Label Society vibe that they pull of in a thrilling new way. Something not to be ignored!

    Not forgetting our brand new room ‘skant’ delivering to you an eclectic mix of every Metal genre you can think of. We have got 2 of London’s top metal DJ’s coming in for your listening pleasure, to blast your ears with everything from Black Sabbath and Pantera to Slipknot and Cradle of Filth. And if that wasn’t enough then all ticket holder’s over 18 can use their tickets for free entry to ‘Rock’ at Mean Fiddler, London’s Definitive Rock Club!

    If you fancy being in the place of these featured bands then come along and check out what a Fresh Sounds night would be like for you and your fans if you were on the bill. Drop in a demo with a brief biography while your there and meet other artist’s you could be working with in the future!

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    Sounds like a blast! Reminds me of a local event in my neck of the woods (Milwaukee, WI) called Metalfest where there are literally dozens of bands (mostly unsigned - if not all) blasting away for the pleasure of us metalheads. Bless 'em.

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