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Thread: A good Chamber organ for GrandOrgue

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    A good Chamber organ for GrandOrgue

    Hi all !

    The last five months I thought (wrongly) that Dieter Ott chamber pipe organ existed only for HW2/3. Maybe 'cause I didn't downloaded directly from Her Datzko's site

    Yesterday tried to work with PipeOrganTune program

    and the manual has a direct link with Cristian Datzko's site.

    There I discovered that Ott Orgel exists also as a HW1 version - so it works as a GrandOrgue Set !

    Go and get it. It's a very clean sounding organ one 57man/30ped with five stops 8',4',2',1 1/3',1' and comes with two versions the simple (just the 5 stops) and the one with preset generals (with almost every combination).
    It can be a good choice for newcomers to VPOs and GO .

    We can expand it though with pipeTune. This prog has inside an ODF called Ott-Aliquot = Ott-pipetuned/extended. So with one sample set we can get at least three more VPOs !

    Here's the link :

    Don't forget to read the liscene and get also the three pdfs with CD making images !

    CAUTION : It's better to get the self-extracting file(130MB). The .RAR one was corrupt after download, at least that's what I got

    I 'll now have to add this one to the Free Index...

    Enjoy !
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