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Thread: Mendelssohn organ sonata in c minor

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    Mendelssohn organ sonata in c minor

    Student Organist(6 years) - I am currently working on the fugue in sonata no 2, and I am perplexed by the fact that from the third voice entry onwards the fugue theme gets swamped by the close treble voices that accompany it. I am using 8/4/2 as per M'ssns directions. I've tried doubling the 8's - taking off the 2' but I cannot find a satisfactory registration that frames or gives continuity to this wonderful theme satisfactorily. Perhaps my practice instrument is the problem - a Johannus opus 30 ? Would external speakers help the separation? I don't play pipe organs regularly, ( only when I have a piece prepared such that I can do justice to both composition and the instrument). Coming back to this sonata this 'treble' overcrowding (eg. seems to be a feature of writing.I look forward to any enlightening observations or advice.

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    Hi Hoofdwerk !

    Try Rohrflute8'+Rohrflute4'+Nazard2'2/3. If you wand some higher freq add a Mixture IIf.
    I think this reg will bring the theme better out.

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