Hello again !

I'm glad I finnished beta2 version of St.Clemment Russell Organ jOrgan 3.10 FS disposition.
I fixed the level drop on Fifteenth 2' stop in the treble area, I worked in the sf2 bank and made all stops sounding in stereo image and replaced my golden stop labels with Brend Casper's ( bca.free-artists.net ) bronge ones, witch are very close to the originals in Russell console. These are to be seen in Bernd's Praestant1_108 organ.
I retained Paul C. Stratmans modified Silbermann stops, as I still working on creating myown draw stop levers from Russell photos.
Also retained John Reimer's performance of Boyce Voluntary for the recorder. I just like to hear it in Russell...

I'm also workin' on getin' myself an appropriate site for uploading and post you here a link, but I believe Russell is a privilege of Magle I.M. Forum, as it apeared here first from the work of it's members !

I hope the organ is now better
Here it is. Enjoy and have fun !