Hey guys,

Have you already read that Yogi Lang (singer of RPWL) is going to release a solo album?
It will be called “No Decoder”

Here’s the text from the RPWL-website

“We’re proud to announce that Yogi’s Soloalbum is almost finished. Here are some lines from him about the album:

Kalle and Chris have already been releasing their Solo- Pieces. With my following Album ‚No Decoder’ I will be providing the last mosaic piece to this special something that represents the RPWL sound. I’m very proud that I had a really great band in the studio for the recordings: Our good old friend Manni Müller on drums, Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd, Roxy Music) on bass guitar and Torsten Weber (The Doors of Perception) on guitars. Of course I also have lots of guests like for example Anne de Wolff (violin) or Domi (singer of Lazuli) and many others. Be excited, the Album will be released on the 5th of November 2010.
Best wishes from the studio,