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Thread: Irish band scene: "Autonomous i" & "The Cast of Cheers"

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    Irish band scene: "Autonomous i" & "The Cast of Cheers"

    I am a recent subscriber to this site and have noticed very few irish based bands on this site. Ireland has a lot to offer musically. I have recently seen a lot of irish bands live and have become a fan. I am going to start by reporting on 2 bands a week. The first two bands are my current favourites. These bands seem really special and destined for fame... i hope you will listen and agree. Feedback on this article is much appreciated
    Band: Autonomous i
    This band has created a bit of a buzz around Ireland of late, particularly in the capital Dublin with rave reviews from critics.
    They posses a title of having indescribable music, this is probably due to their wide range and variety of song writing styles. Every song seems entirely different. Energetic, catchy, and altogether insane, this band will soon be a house hold name. I read music reviews about them before I saw them live and they did not disappoint. Individually the parts are clever, though nothing to write home about, as a unit, it sounds incredible!!
    They recently recorded tracks with well known irish producer Ken McHugh (of Automata fame) and the polished recordings (“Stand up and take it” and “Car Activate”) suggest these guys names will soon be on the tip of your tongue. They are bold, brass and incredibly original (in my opinion) and with a catchy sound that is very hard to ignore. I nearly had a chat with the Lead vocalist in Dublin city recently after a gig, but he was called away – nice guy but didn’t seem to want to talk about the gig (which was an amazing gig ), but check them out – you will not be disappointed
    Band: the Cast of Cheers
    What can I say about this band except… AWESOME!!! They really rock.. This band have so much energy live, it was frightening. They really have a sound that makes you want to scream.. LOUD. One of the most entertaining bands I have seen live. Though they are not the most original you will have heard, they make every band you compare them to seem dull. Every aspect of their set makes you want to jump up and down. Very clever and hard hitting they have produced a song that I find untouchable “I am Lion” - fantastic track, along with DERP. Derp has one of the best guitar riffs I have heard in years, unfortunately the rest of the track does not do it credit, though the Vocals are pretty intense. Its heart stopping music –“what is going to happen next” keeps flooding through your brain… Tried my best to chat to these guys, talked to the bassist for a minute after a gig in Whelans (Just saying hello ) very professional but nice,You need to hear these guys… you will soon enough. Great band, check them out

    next two irish bands:
    - Fight like apes
    - We cut corners

    Yours in music,
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    Welcome to the forum. It's good to hear from another Irishman
    because I'm Irish myself.
    judy tooley

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    Hallo cherk and welcome. I enjoyed your music. We are recieving a good variety of music from around the world, which is great.


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    Hi Cherk and welcome while your music is pleasant my favorite Irish group is The Chieftains
    I don’t want a signature any more

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