Greetings to all !

Mr Jiri Zurek did it again !
Sonus Paradisi project released the new Smecno organ set for HW3.
I got the demo version (works for free HW version too, no encryption) from their site. It comes with wet and surround versions (full has the dry too).
Demo set has the organ after reconstruction with all (!!!) stops of the main organ & pedal. Full version has the positiv organ added (in real life is a separate organ - see the crystal clear pictures on site) and the main organ before reconstruction. Is a great package.

The demo I played is ..... heaven.... What to say.
Excellent sound, some times I thought I was palyin' from the real console.
Multi loops and multi release samples and the real reverberation from the church make this organ a real treasure.
Is a great gift from mr.Zurek, as his earlier Velesovo demo set (another treasure...).
Thank you Jiri !

As is , this demo set can be a great stand alone organ and we can play a great row of works as is ! - Just use the II/I coupler if you're used to have the main organ on lower manual, for in this set the great is manII and positiv manI. Old Smecno has the ManIII occupied. There's also a II/Ped coupler to add stops to the 16/8/4 provided for the pedal and get a great Plenum !

Get it now and enjoy !

PS- Since you're in Sonus P site take a look on other free stuff offered, ...are great too, as are some low priced sets !