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Thread: Your earliest memories

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    Your earliest memories

    My earliest would be about or just before age 2, (1935/6) mother holding me up to look out of the window to see a small steam locomotive puffing back and forth between a pottery and a clay pit (I only found out about the pottery and claypit later); I'm still interested in steam railways!

    Other memories include watching the gravel road outside the house being tarmac'ed, about 1937 or 38, (steam road roller!) but the most significant was the broadcast at 11am 3rd of September 1939 "We are at war with Germany".
    Cheers MIKE.

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    I have many memories from the period up to five years old and a few when I was about two. My uncle overflowing the bath while washing photographic prints. The morning after my grandfather died. Little snippets of him smoking his pipe in the lounge. Me ironing with a flat iron heated on the range. The burning of the ration books. Visiting a warship anchored outside the estuary and being carried up a companionway by a sailor. Moving day when I was five. Really exciting.
    Small slices cut from the cake of time. I have some cine film taken when I was six. Strange looking at it now.


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    I started out as a child ... vivid memories of the tall Eucalyptus trees in our yard and the desire to climb to the top (never made it past the first branch) ... motorboating with my Dad on the lake ... camping in the mountains ... seeing my sister naked for the first (and only) time - I don't remember who was more shocked she was 7 and I was 3 ...

    Going with my Dad on weekends to the backstage parts of Disneyland when he was the Project Superintendent for the construction of New Orleans Square at the park -

    Going through the photos of those years always jogs the memories ... most are black and white, a few are 35 mm colour transparencies.

    Love your new quote, Mike ... we had a GPS while in England, and still got lost ... but, it did take us directly to Wimborne that one day.
    Kh ~~.

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    Your earliest memories

    Watching the sky alight with the flames of the Crystal Palace burning down.
    My Dad spanking me with his carpet slipper when I was very small.
    The pattern on the bedroom ceiling made by the Aladdin oil heater. (No central heating then!!!) Gaiters with endless side buttons. The Aldershot Tattoo with the white goat. My high chair where Mother abandoned me when a mouse ran out of the skirting board. My Teddy bear. Sylvie

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    "Driving" my Dad's car on top of his laps.

    Realising that putting metal objects into a socket is not a good idea.

    Tripping and falling on the ground while playing (or attempting to play) soccer, which left me with a scar on my forehead, visible to this day. Think this could be why I don't like this sport these days?

    All these things happend when I was around five.
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    Good to hear from you Sylvie.

    I never had a teddy bear when I was little

    I was given my first one at 40 tears.


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    When we lived in Warwick (1-4 years old), we lived opposite the train shunting yard, I remember watching the trains. When we went to a playground nearby the trains would be going past very slowly, and we would wave to the drivers, they always waved back.

    I remember taking my teddy and a doll for a walk, I dropped them both. The result one teddy with a broken nose, and a doll with a wonky eye. (Should have been done for toy cruelty.)


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    Gee, how quaint - Lets see now,,,

    Ah yes, getting stung by a small honeybee that was pollinating a clover flower.......
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